Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Obama did what the American people elected him to do. However, once again, the leadership of the Republican party has shown they are un-American. Can anyone who claims they are Republican and claim they are Americans and support what they are doing to the Supreme Court nominee. This is fundamental American Government function. GOP leadership is clearly violating the sense of the Constitution contrary to what the American people want. The tragedy is that the Party, with Citizens United” money, has elected people like Mitch McConnell to leadership roles in our Congress over THE fear of coal mining jobs in Kentucky. The reason that ruling happened was because of bribery of several Supreme Court Justices by the Koch Brothers. We know who those Justices are and we know who bribed them because of the fragment of remaining free press. There is no provision for the court they appointed to put them in jail or before a firing squad for treason. Yes, I said to physically harm the Koch brothers because their act of treason is that serious. Of course, I do not want violence of any kind. The only reason I suggest violence is that it is the only way that would happen. The way is should happen is for the press calls for it to happen. Unfortunately, the press has rapidly become a tool of the economic elite, which is putting us on this downward spiral, which will eventually lead our country to crash and burn. The Trump candidacy is a classic example of what can happen and I am afraid, if we listen, he is telling us exactly what will happen. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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