Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Something very simple and fundamental has gone seriously wrong with our two-party system in the United States. The parties no longer represent the view held by the people. For example, we know we need fossil fuels and we know that our climate is in danger of pollution from burning fossil fuels. Nevertheless, one party tells us to stop using fossil fuels, when we know we must, while and the other tells us climate change is not due to burning fossil fuels, when we know there is a connection. Working men and women know they want and need unions yet the party leaders of one party that many workers belong to tells us that unions should be destroyed and the other party with an equal number of working members is not defending labor’s right to organize. We all want to be individuals but we all want to work in unison. In our minds, our two parties are based on fundamental principles while members of both parties recognize we need government. One party claim there is too much government while the other party members says the government is there to help the people, yet members of both parties want social security, FDIC, and welfare just as they see the serious problems with private schools and business owned prisons. We find ourselves in the dilemma of claiming to having too much government while we want more government programs that benefit the people, which clearly does not fit the party system. Isn’t time to reassess how we want our political parties to believe. The parties should represent what the people think and shake off the tired old traditional mantras of party membership that cause us to claim we support things in which we do not believe; climate change is real; the arctic ice cap is melting; we need fossil fuels until we can develop renewables; and we need strong unions to counter management. It is easy to lead the people if the people are united by what they want. Our political parties no longer represent the people. We need to solve problems; we need to tax the people to support government we want. Universal health care is not free. College education for all cost money. No one should starve. This all goes back to the declaration; of the people, by the people, and for the people. This presidential campaign has pointed this out big time; the political party candidates are campaigning in an unreal world of what the political party leaders want it to be and not what the people want. There is no simplistic party based on hate for groups of people for Donald Trump to fit in just as there is no equally simplistic opposition party in a country of 330 million people based on individualism for Cruz to fit in, nor is there a party of love of all our fellow citizens for Bernie Sanders to fit into. We need two political parties; one for working class people and a party of management. Obviously, this is impossible in a one man one vote democracy because the working class outnumber management by far. So far, we have been working on this problem for thousands upon thousands of years, for the sake of humankind, I hope we can solve it. Two political parties do not seem to be the answer; they are outdated. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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