A flamboyant tree is beautiful red tree when in full bloom, a fire tree in English or arbol de fuego, a tree of fire. The name conveys a deep sense of a paradox; it seems a conflict to think of setting comfortably in the cool dense shade of tree of fire. Thus, as a blog site, FIRETREE serves as a metaphor for the airing of cultural conflicts we see everyday, a never-ending quest for peace and comfort from the anguish of millions of harsh years of evolution. The conflict between our interlocking biology and our humanization is something we cannot shed so Firetree is my way of turning and facing it, often at the expense of being politically incorrect. None of this lends its self to headlines or off color language, which I try to address rationally.

Firetree blog site covers a broad sweep of topics including but not limited to biology, religion, politics, and business from a personal perspective. I grew up in a loving family residing in an immigrant neighborhood during a horrible war to end all wars, but didn’t, served as a sailor in a war without physical or mental hurt, and witnessed several more wars from the side lines including a civil war where I dealt with war refugees coming to my door asking for work. In addition, I became intimately acquainted with tumultuous social upheaval in the context of teaching in two different dictatorships and witnessed as a citizen the Untied States and evolution of colonial and then independent Belize, Central America.

Firetree references an entire century. My father was born in 19th century and I will die during the 21st century. My grandmother told of encounters with Native Americans on the prairies of the South Dakota Territories in their final stages of the dance of death with immigrants. A little more than 100 years later, I saw a similar but bloodless situation developing between Mayan and immigrants to Belize. I saw an island paradise change from a marginal fishing economy to an inflated tourist economy. All of this has an impact on the content of firetreepub.blogspot.com, but no one can predict when, where, or how but it does. 

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