Tuesday, February 16, 2016


For liberals such as I am, it is difficult to understand how anyone can vote for a Republican. At one time in our history it was an honorable thing to be a Republican; now, it is not. In fact, what the name Republican has come to mean is something that seems impossible to rationalize. Of course I know all the bunk the Republicans of old preach about smaller government, austere budgets, and individual rights. However, I am also aware of how they are less than forthright about what they believe to attract one issue voters to their party such as is the case with antiabortion, same sex marriage, and all the keep rhetoric about “keeping our country safe”. These are the kinds of thing put them on the road to where they are now. For examples, their love of God spews out of their mouths every stump speech along with a call to build our military. Really it is a call to rebuild our military, as a way of accusing Democrats for making our country only 10 times stronger than any other country on earth, which is reminiscent of the old cold war rhetoric when they wanted a kill ratio of one hundred to one; just to make sure. It goes on and on; however, the truth is that all they really want is to hold the nation in their hands much as a slave owner held slaves. That is what voter suppression is all about. That is what the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision is all about. These things are not wild exaggerations. Just think of what they mean when they say they want to take “their” country back or that although President Obama was born in the United States he is not a citizen of the United States. Slaves were not citizens by birth. How can a black man be president? The only conclusion possible is that the core of the modern Republican Party are blatant racists; what they mean is that they want to take back “their” country. What they mean America is no longer a nation ruled by white people of European ancestry, which is how they see themselves. Of course, America is a nation of all the people. I never see this thought openly expressed in the media or even expressed in private conversations. It is just not appropriate to be a raciest but clearly that is what they are. Of course, those who will object to this line of thinking have the classic wiggle room; they can say some maybe racist but they themselves are not racists. I am here to say if they call themselves Christians but are not, they depend on the same wiggle room as well. I read posts on Facebook made by people who are clearly Christians pretending to be Republicans or are clearly Republicans pretending to be Christians but are neither. If you do not believe this, then read their posts. Christians are based on the love of their fellow man without conditions. Show me a Republican who does not put conditions on the U.S. citizenship; a black man who wants to be president, a gay man who want to marry another man, or a woman who wants an abortion. Or as Donald Trump point out Muslims do not have the “right of citizenship” any more than Obama has the right to be president, what Trump wants is to “GET WHITE AMERICA BACK”. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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