Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sometimes what seems to be the common public attitude confuses me. Recently John Kerry Secretary of State suggested that if a two state solution was as not found for Israel-Palestine, Israel would slip into being an apartheid state—a minority ruling a majority. Of course, the mental image that appears is South African struggle with all of its racial overtones. Of course, almost everyone rejects the idea of a racial element in the picture. In addition, most folks reject the Joe Scarborough’s Fox News approach, which is to create a problem with the sole objectives of blaming President Obama for something, anything or everything: to mindlessly add the Kerry remark to the “contrived scandals”: IRS, Benghazi, the Clevin Bundy, or anything that goes wrong or with what the disagree. Social media users saturated Facebook with this groundless hate Obama “stuff”. Most thinking people see it for what it is; unreasoned hate for Obama for being president. It is about time they understand what the man is doing in the Middle East.

What I am addressing here is beyond creating a problem to cast blame on someone. The entire purpose of creating Israel was to create a country where Jews could be in a majority to prevent another pogrom from ever happening again. As a young man, I applauded the 1947 United Nation General Assembly vote (33 to 13 vote to partition) to divide Palestine into Israel, Gaza Strip, and the West bank. What the world did not realize at the time, and certainly most of us supporters of partition did not realize, was that what were once Jews looking for lasting security turned into Israelites, suddenly were no longer a suffering people, but a politically driven force with their heart set on “reclaiming” all the of the “Holy Land” for undisputed domination—they claim God gave it to them.

What some of us thought would be equivalent to the Catholic Vatican City took an entirely different course. This did not happen overnight nor will I ever believe that the Jewish leaders who dreamed of a Jewish homeland anticipated what was going to happen; Israel expanded not only rapidly but also by unimagined numbers; from one million to 8 million in 60 years of which are now 74% are Jews. More land was needed and Palestinians owned that land. The problem is that if all of Gaza and West Bank were included in the “State of Israel”, the 3.8 million Palestinians would be in a position to challenge Jews for control even in Israel but unquestionably would be in control in Gaza and West bank; Israel now controls those territories: Jews dominate Palestinians thus Gaza and the West Bank are apartheid territories.

What president Obama and Sec. Kerry told Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was that “You (Netanyahu) have blocked ever effort the United States has made to help settle the situation. You and your U.S. lobby have made it impossible to settle the dispute. By telling Israelis, an apartheid solution is not acceptable, he is saying a separate state is the solution; no longer will Israel be able to grab territory in a way that gives them 100% control. Without the counter balance of the United States massive presence, the equally massive and overwhelming political forces in the area’s surrounding nations will force a settlement that favors Palestine, which is a one state solution. This would undo the UN partition vote of 1949 that established Israel. The president is standing with Israel’s right to exist but people like Joe Scarborough who are blinded by hate for Obama overlook that. Obama is using “tough love”. The president is saying to Israel; you have every right to exist as a free and independent nation but only if you act like one. I stand with Obama for having the courage to spank Israel like a naughty brat for their misbehavior over 60 years. By the way, Ex-President Carter saw the same solution as he said in his book, Peace not Apartheid (2006)

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