Wednesday, April 30, 2014


There are indications that the public believes Republican lies. We all know that Karl Roves techniques work and recent polling results proves the point once again. There is a background created against which they tell their meaningful lies. For example, on Facebook and on every Republican publication, there are repeated nonsense and personal attacks on Obama specifically and liberals in general. The subjects of the attacks are not necessarily repeats but the fact that they are filled with vitriol but also are groundless—even infantile in logic—are what they have in common. This sets the stage for their meaningful lies. Ten examples of the back ground scatter:

1. New survey: Should John Kerry resign?

2. Ok folks, this is your chance to sound off. What's the worst thing Barry O has done as president? Click here to vote.

3. Secretary of State Kerry warned that Israel could become an "apartheid state" if they don't make a deal with the very people calling for Israel's destruction.

4. This Harry Reid story proves that we need term limits...

5. Do you support term limits for congress? Then spread the word.

6. (Chicago Administrator)

7. Whoa !!! More than 100 pages of documents were released to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Looks like the White house has been caught red handed !!!

8. This proves conservatives right, again. This is the criminal link to Barack Obama we've been waiting for on Benghazi.

9. Should Barack Obama be impeached over Benghazi?

10. Do you think the Obama administration hates Israel?

One of my favorite and often repeated “right wing demand” was a call to prevent Sharia law from applying in the United States. One can only wonder why they didn’t call for a law to prevent public beheadings.

Once they soften up everyone with this crazy stuff, which we all know is ridiculous, they tell the vote getting thus significant lies. For example, “Republicans are for lowering taxes”.  That is true; however, they “lower” taxes on corporations and “raise” taxes on the workers. The rich are job creators, which is another lie. Job creators should not pay taxes, which has happened because they have corrupted the tax laws but still there are no jobs. There is absolutely no evidence that lower taxes creates jobs. In fact, the opposite has been shown with the Bush tax cuts. They lie when they tell us we need a Republican controlled congress to get something done but refuse to admit that they control congress and have refused to do anything just to make Obama look bad.

Look at the wage situation. As wages go down profits, go up. Provisions for retirement, provision for health care, and provision for unemployment insurance cause wages to go up—every working person should stand on their own two feet and provide these things for him or her self.

Look at the educational system. Are Republicans lying when they tell us we need educated workers when they cut taxes that support school and universities? Worse yet, they demand government get out of education so they can privatize and make money—and increase the cost of education; everything has to be to make more money.  

Open your eyes; there is a huge income disparity in this country and it is getting worse because of Republican policies. Wages are going down with many more working people living below the poverty level. These people need welfare but welfare is drying up; does that make you proud? Do you have any idea of how many military families are on food stamps? Does that make you feel proud of the flag lapel pin and feel like a real patriot? If you are a Republican and proud of it, you should realize you are the one who believes your own lies. You should realize that by cutting taxes to make government smaller you are giving control to corporations who want to increase income disparity, lower wages, get rid of welfare, get rid of laws that regulate corporations, and put the environment in the hands of coal ash producers.  The exchange may seem fair; after all, the government will protect you from Sharia Law. By the way, aren’t you the one with the assault rifle in your closet? 

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