Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Some folks seem to think Trump’s popularity is a mystery. They even question if he is a “true” Republican. The affinity is no mystery; it is based on the same old common principle that holds the GOP together, which is good old fashion greed, which makes him more of a Republican than most Republican are. In addition, his thinly veiled strong-arm rhetoric strengthens, his affinity with that Party. For an example of this examine his build a wall battle cry and make Mexico pay for it. We are then richest nation in the world and Mexico is one of the poorest. There is no reason why we should not use our economic might to force Mexico to not only build the wall but to pay for it as well. This was the kind of strong arm American foreign policy that made us into what the world sees as the “ugly Americans”. Under the able leadership of President Obama and the liberal philosophy, we have matured and are moving away from this kind of diplomacy. We as a nation are still the world leader but have that position out of respect and not fear. There is a big difference. The Trump political campaign has opened up this ugly argument again about this blind spot. Why is it that Republicans as a political party cannot see the difference between respect and fear? In the past I have written about a bullied teenager dressed in a black trench coat carrying an assault rifle and wearing a back pack full of ammunition standing in a door of a school demanding the “respect” of his teachers and fellow students. Few among us fail to see the difference, yet we listen to Donald J. Trump stand at a microphone and receive round after round of applause for demanding we use our economic might to force Mexico to build a wall and pay for it. His weapon of choice is not an assault rifle but rather our balance of trade with that country. This is the same as what he is saying about trade with China or Japan. Rather than building walls and menacing countries with our economic might, how about regaining respect us because we build better products, cars for example, or educating our young people to a higher standard, or offering better and more affordable health care, or eliminating poverty and for having a fairer society. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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