Wednesday, February 10, 2016


A story on Facebook went something like this; after a young man decided he would get married his father asked him to go for a walk. As they walked along the father turned to his son and said, “Say you are sorry.” The son refused, “Why should I say I am sorry when I have done nothing wrong he asked. After a few more steps the father repeated his request. Again, the son refused to say he was sorry for no reason. The walk continued in silence. Eventually, the son turned to his father and said, OK, OK, I am sorry. The father responded, “Good. Now you are ready to be married.” I wonder how many people really understand what the father’s message. As we go through life many things happen to each of us; some good, some bad. Sometimes we are responsible for the trouble in someone else’s life other times we are not. Of course, we should be sorry if we caused the unhappiness; however, there are times when others are responsible or the unhappiness is just simply the circumstance of daily living that causes another person to have trouble in their life. The source of the anxiety is not the issue. The person’s feelings are what matters. If you are close to a person you may even not know what it is that caused them angst but you know they are unhappy. If you really unconditionally care for that person you want him or her to know someone cares for them no matter what. If the person you love has a bad day for any reason, just having someone say, “I am sorry”, and mean it, can be a very soothing thing. It means I really care about your happiness. If you are capable of caring for a person in that way, you are ready for marriage. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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