Saturday, February 27, 2016


There can be little question about it; the Donald J. Trump phenomenon that the Republican hate so much is a product of their own Parties doing. I have heard nothing but hate politicians and hate the government coming out of their mouths for years. According to them being a politician is to join a dishonest profession. What has happened is that Republicans and some Democrats have caused chaos and shame, in our electoral system. Now they have to pay the price. The people who vote will elect Trump President just as they chose him in every election he has entered so far. The people clearly have a choice on the far left as well as a choice on the far right, so it isn’t their pure political philosophy that will bring them to the polls. They will vote for someone who says he hates government and politicians. The result of all their preaching hate is a greatly diminished number of people who are concerned about the quality of government and about voting. Young people do not become involved in politics as politicians. When we should have legions of potential candidates for President of the United States, we have only a few and some of those are of questionable character. Some are not running for the job, they are running for the notoriety; Ben Carlson or Carley Fiorina for examples. Does anyone really think the people will elect a politician such as Saunders, Cruz, Rubio, or Clinton? Does anyone really think Trump is running as a politician? Think of how much money he can save as President by bribing himself. How many times have we been told politicians, including being told by Trump, are only in Washington to accept bribes? Some are but there are also many good ones but their numbers are diminishing. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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