Friday, January 22, 2016


The thought did not originate with me, but I heard someone say the explanation for the Republican mess is simple; they are harvesting the anger and hate they have sowed. Carl Rove’s dirty campaign techniques he used in his entire career but especially in the Bush campaign, disgusted me. I see the results of his techniques when I look at Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This morning there was a ridiculous as it was disgusting post on Facebook by Joe-Karen Salisbury refereeing to her husband's philandering and her black hairy back. It is worth noting the post received some likes. We all remember Richard Mellon Scaife’s senseless but also constant dogging of the Clintons. Scaife was a billionaire, a principal heir to the Mellon banking, oil, and aluminum fortune, and the owner and publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He was not running for office in opposition to Clinton. In one sense, Scaife’s tirade was worse that Rove because it had no purpose other than to destroy a Democratic politician without cause. He served as the stimulus for many others to follow his lead as so accurately details by Tim Murphy in his recent and classic Mother Jones Article; The Definitive Guide to Every Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory (So Far). The subtitle was, “From killing cats to faking concussions, all the dastardly deeds attributed to the former secretary of state and first lady.” What Scaife did was comparable to Trump’s senseless attack on immigrants, refugees, or Muslims. He has no objective other than to stir up hate. Of course, his objective might be that he is building a coalition of hate mongers, which reflect in his winning poll numbers. Of course, we have to include the pervasive and hateful attacks against not only our government but also all government, which is unimaginable nonsense. In fact, the drumbeats of the attacks have become so load in the media and against “all” politicians, they are drowning out a government of any kind. The post I referred to above is a clear example of what I mean by nonsense. I do not know them but judging from their other posts on Facebook, Joe-Karen Salisbury appears to be religious people, Christians, based on reading their other posts. Is this what Christians teach in their churches? Apparently, the same people who like their post are Donald Trump voters. Nothing else makes sense. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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