Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The Fox News coverage of the closing, so schools in Detroit and the visit of President Obama to Michigan is a classic right-wing distortion of the facts. They even go so far as to claim that Governor Snyder is fighting to have lawmakers keep open the schools. Headlines proclaim that teachers are walking out to protest to President Obama their poor working conditions, under funding of educations, etc. Their intent is clear, they are attempting to shift the blame from their State Government to the Federal Government, and to President Obama for the mess in which Michigan finds itself. The point of this post is to shift the blame to the real culprits, who are you, the teachers who will not unionize, the mothers who feed their babies poison water, and the poor, black people, without jobs. My objective in the post is to point out that the State government is their responsibility. It is that way because the voted for Republicans, such as Rick Snyder, who campaigned on cutting taxes, which you like. Good God, look at what he and his legislature did. They took away your elected representative and replaced them with bank “managers” who raped the assets of the cities. You all know this. You all know they did this by using school buildings without maintaining them and supplying water without purification. They put poison water in your pipes to save $19 million so they could cut taxes and increase profits for businesses. Let me rephrase that, you put poison water in “your” pipes and raped “your” schools. The Republicans you elected to govern are the one who champions deregulation under the guise of your personal independence, which you must like because you voted for that, but that also means that businesses, including loan companies and banks, can cheat taxpayers with impunity; authorities cannot catch them if there is no oversight. Yes, I am talking about you: the underpaid, the poor families, the black people, and those with several children and no jobs. It is not someone else’s responsibility it yours. They tell you cannot vote, and you don’t march in the street but instead just shoulders as is you do not know what is happening. Who should object and why should they object if you don’t? You seem to think this is good because, after all, it makes you independent and cuts your taxes. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated


  1. Why did you use this term- Good God-- and why did you capitalize God?

    Why do you blame THE GOVERNOR? Statements under review

    "City of Flint decides to use the Flint River as a water source"
    bridge-logo-for-mlive.jpgNews and Analysis from The Center for MichiganThe Center for Michigan | Bridge Magazine

    In his speech, which also touched on the chronology of events, Snyder noted two early actions – a Flint City Council vote in March 2013 to switch water service from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, to the Karegnondi Water Authority, a regional water authority that was in the process of building a pipeline from Lake Huron. Snyder told the statewide audience that that action is where "the crisis began."

    The crisis timeline distributed to reporters and now available to the public online states that in June 2013, "City of Flint decides to use the Flint River as a water source," a phrasing similar to what the governor used in his State of the State speech, ("Flint began to use water from the Flint River as an interim source") suggesting that the city, not the state, drove the interim decision to use the highly corrosive river water for city residents.

    1. The expression, "Good God", is a way to express exasperation, no more an no less.
      I capitalize God because spell check says I must. It will not even let me write the word 'jew' without a capital 'J'. The city elected authority has no power. Snyder has taken their right to run the city from them.