Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Who is in control of the political world? At one time, the people voted for leaders from among those they knew. The leaders met and learned about one another and then selected leaders from this group for the next level of leadership. Notoriety often associated with military leadership was central to this process. Almost from the start, this system failed because there was just too much territory, too many people involved, and too great disparity in opinions. Political parties developed in response to problems associated with diverse opinions with the strongest held opinions dominating. Political party leaders soon realized they had power. Also, almost from the start, those who held some means of communication associated themselves with political parties and visa verse. In other words, individual candidates for public office went from being the focus of the process to being controlled by political parties and the media; thus shifting the focus to political parties. In recent years, the system changed because the same people in charge of political parties were those in charge of the media. With time, more and more the candidates lost any influence they once had in the process. What I find interesting is that a tremendously impactful cycle of sorts has formed in the 2016 presidential elections. Although I despise Trump and most of what he stands for, or, at least, says what he stands for, he has changed something very fundamental in the system. This fact was saturating the news I heard this morning when I turned on TV’s Talking Heads. At first, the news overwhelmed me. Donald J. Trump, a candidate for president, decided he was going to boycott the Republican Party debate controlled by Fox News. In one decision, he told his Political Party as well as a news network to go to hell. His decision had the impact of a nuclear option. To the shock and dismay of the political world and the media, he took charge of his campaign. Also, the three Democratic candidates Almost immediately joined him in saying they are willing to hold debates at a time of their choosing; thus, they joined in his revolutionary drive for candidate independence. They suddenly reversed a developing trend of the last 250 years. That time estimate seems long but 250 years might even be a gross underestimate. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief that this happens overnight, and that Trump did it. Of course, there were many, many signs leading up to this that I now can put together after the fact. The GOP establishment was unhappy with Trump. Democratic Party members were extremely displeased with the leadership of Democrat campaign coordinator Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We seldom hear anything about Reince Priebus, the leader of the GOP. The various candidates in both parties were upset over the debate formats and the lack of debates and the schedules as decided by all the networks and not just Fox News. Most important, the people of the United States, especially the working class, are extremely upset with their “do nothing” Congress while their president has a high popularity rating. What I am saying is that the stage was set for the dramatic political revolution that took place yesterday. There are theories of history that say it takes a great leader to change the track of social history. In this case, I think Trump is that great leader but not because of his desire to benefit the country or the people but because he has the personal wealth and intense greed it takes to upset a failing system to achieve what he wants for himself. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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