Saturday, January 2, 2016


President Obama has set the stage for the greatest economic recovery in history. He has dug us out of a disastrous austerity economy initiated by Ronald Reagan all those years go and brought to a head by George W. Bush. They and the current Republican Party continue to focus on reducing regulations on business and in advancing laissez faire competition according to the formulations of Milton Friedman. President Obama has changed all of this. The problem is that small-minded men like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan refuse to raise the curtain on what could be out of fear that Obama will get credit for doing that. In other words, they put their party before Country. Republicans refuse to pass the needed legislation even though we all know that the country needs is obvious. All the legislation does is support rebuilding our Nations failing infrastructure and includes high-speed rail, etc. It would open a plethora of jobs and remove the cork Friedman put on the economy. President Obama knows he can do nothing but that does not stop him from unselfishly setting the stage for the next president. He is truly a great President, perhaps the greatest ever. Of course, we all hope the voters will elect Hillary Clinton, but Republicans politicians know what is going on and may take advantage of the situation unless the radical Republicans keep control of the party. The radicals are a different breed. Adelson and Koch brothers keep control of the radical wing of the Party. The “good” Republicans hope to get credit for all the hard work Obama is doing while all the radicals want is to destroy democracy and replace it with a plutocracy, which is already well advanced. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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