Saturday, January 23, 2016


The big question is President Obama’s complex strategy in the Middle East working. Of course, we cannot go to the news media to find out because of the terribly slanted Republican bias facilitated by the Supreme Courts Citizens United Decision. In fact, the people of the world know this so well this is so well, they accept it as the “new normal”. In fact, for the same reason, it is even difficult for us to figure out if the President even has a policy in the Middle East, let alone what that policy might be. The news media interviews Politician after politician and political operative after political operative who will say the president does not have a policy or if he does, it is so weak it is meaningless. Talking heads have interviewed John McCain and Lindsey Graham so often they have become household names. TV and talk radio personalities, such as Rush Limbaugh and Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd have an indoctrinated flowing who turn a deaf ear to all reason. Look at the low level of rhetoric about the Middle East espoused by the current presidential candidates. I was going to write even a junior high school student should now better, but they don’t; they listen to their parent who listens to the biased junk. The only way to figure things out is to listen to or read the actual text of the Presidents speeches, and filter through the documentable facts in the headlines and judge for yourselves what is happening. Google ABC News or NBC News for example and skim through the headlines for the past several years looking for facts, for example the number and size of attacks, number of people killed or wounded per attack, and the number of casualties in the Middle East and who those casualties were. In addition, I found that tracking the waxing and waning attention given to the part Israel plays in the news. I find that the number of attacks has fallen, and the number of casualties per attack has decreased. I also find that the attacks have a wider and wider geological distribution. Although there is an overall decrease in casualties, the protagonists are still fighting Muslims against Muslim, but more and more the fighting is within sects and not according to country. In this regard, the sects have been isolated in two groups of countries; Shia and Sunnis. In other words, more and more attention paid to who is and who is not ISIS. Thus, ISIS is being isolated as a terrorist organization by both sects, which I want to point out, is what Obama said he wanted to accomplish with his policies. He has isolated two big problem areas. The first and most trying was the Israeli drive to dominate the Middle East by might alone. Most of us felt this was an insolvable problem. However, our president saw the value in a nuclear disarmament treaty with Iran in a different light from most. By signing a treaty with Iran, especially one vehemently opposed by the leading right-wing party in Israel, would force both Iran and Israel to the negotiating table and do this with the grudging support of our European allies. Of course, the Israeli propaganda machine was working in full force to prevent that from happening. President Obama was not only able to do that, but he also exposed the corrupt nature of the Netanyahu government, which had the good effect of decreasing the building anti-Antisemitism momentum around the world. Now, the bitter dispute between Palestine and a defanged Israel has to negotiate over a diplomatic table and not in a carpet-bombed field of battle. The way is open to understanding the religious and political disputes throughout the region, including Turkey and Kurds, and Persians, as well as the turmoil in Syria where a dictator is fighting the Arab Spring surge. All of this is there in the headlines if you care to read them rather then listen to Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers puppets telling you to hate your president and government. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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