Saturday, January 9, 2016


The cry that it is their Constitutional right to own a gun is just pain hooey. Everyone knows it is just industrial propaganda but they also know they can do nothing about it. What is the solution? “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Isn’t it about time we read and apply the “Second Amendment” to our daily lives. Read the second amendment; the governors of the each state not only have the Constitutional right, but he or she also has the Constitutional obligation, to organize a “well regulated militia” in their states to protect the people of that state. The governor of each state has the right to collect taxes to pay for and to recruit every able-bodied person to join the state National Guard and have experts trained him or her to use weapons issue to him or her by the state, which is the constitution right the Founding Father intended. Of course, protection includes protection from gun violence. The Constitution says nothing to limit this “right” to protecting a state from a foreign invader; when the Founding Fathers wrote the constitution they were referring to neighboring states in the new Federation as well as foreign invaders. Can anyone doubt that we as a nation are not suffering from gun violence? Can anyone doubt that we need protection from our neighbors who have grossly distorted the meaning of this amendment? It is not a birthright to own a gun. It is not a Constitutional Right to own a gun. No matter how you read them, charts of statistics reveal the stunning truth of this resulting from how the deliberate misreading has distorted that amendment. We need protection from the arms manufacturers, who have bought, paid, and cajoled Congress to do their bidding. We need the government to license each of every 370 million guns, with no license ever permitted for assault weapons, grenade launchers, etc. It should be illegal to own a gun without a license, which is just pain and simple logic. Not one state I know of in the Union uses the National Guard to protect its people from gun violence. We all know that laws can regulate firearms so the concept of laws controlling guns is not new. Many states have laws that regulate gun ownership and set statutory laws related to gun ownership, selling guns, the right to open-carry, as well as laws relating to where it is permissible to carry guns. As it is now, FBI, ATF, and local police enforce these laws not by the National Guard. What I am suggesting is that gun regulation should be the obligation of the National Guard under the control of a governor we can vote for or against and not under the NRA as it is now. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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