Friday, January 15, 2016


The media has reached a new low in reporting the two U.S. Navy patrol craft, ten sailors in all,taken by Iran. I am refereeing to several so-called news outlets including MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. They have become so biased the American people cannot believe them—period. As I have pointed out in numerous posts, much of this is traceable to the AIPAC and Zionist propaganda. Everyone knows the headline news that Netanyahu paid a certain letter writing congressional representative a million dollar bribe to defeat the Iran treaty. The same monetary channel is at work on the right wing media, and the reporting on these patrol craft proves it. The two boats miscalculate their positions, or one had mechanical problems or something that they ended up in clear violation of territorial rights of foreign nations. That nation documented the boarded of these vessels, and that video showed the American Sailors with their hand on their heads. According to the news media reporters, the Iranians made them put their hands on their heads and on “forced” them to be on their knees to embarrass them. The talking heads are obviously doing did this to insinuate that the Iranians are hostile and cannot be trusted not to build an atomic bomb. I can describe the tenor of the newscasts as “stupid” at best but childish worst. Unfortunately, this low level of thinking, which makes it truly sad, influences the American People. To make matters worse, one of the sailors apologized for making a mistake. Oh, my God, everyone knows in the radical conservative world, Americans don’t make mistakes. How many mass shooting in the United States have you seen on TV where the police told the students to put their hands on their heads and parade out of the buildings in single file and how many news reports said the authorities did this to embarrass them? Not one, as many of us, were, instinctively know this. People in the military know that boarding a foreign naval vessel manned by sailors with guns is a dangerous operation. Everyone knows video as are taken to document that what happened, happened without incident and not to embarrass anyone. One channel even had John Negroponte on as an authority to discuss the situation. In my adopted country, we call this guy “death squad John”, which is a good indication go my opinion of him and his opinions. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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