Thursday, January 28, 2016


Sometimes, all we can do is to shake our heads in amazement when the silliest of arguments carry the day. Does any rational person sincerely believe the government is building internment camps in remote locations? Does anyone think Obama is coming to take your guns? Some poor folks seem to believe that trickle down economics works to their advantage. How many times have we heard these things said with the greatest sincerity? One of the loudest and most frequent statements is that some works hate labor unions because the people have convinced themselves that they are harmful to parents, children, teachers, and workers. How do I know these arguments carry the day? Republicans use these arguments and voters respond positively by voting for them. Think about something as obvious wrong as people saying “people” have bankrupted social security. People put money into the system and when then retire they take money out of the system. They want to destroy both Social Security and Obamacare. The Social Security program has virtually eliminated old age poverty and for the first time, Obamacare has made health insurance affordable. It makes no sense to most of us, but they seem not to want social organization, which is what government is. To want to destroy government is the silliest argument of all of their inane arguments. The important question is; what do they, as political party members, really want? The result if they resemble a circle of puppets pulling each the other’s strings. However, I fear there is great danger in this because unquestionably, the puppet masters are nefarious operators like Dick Cheney, the Koch Brothers, and Sheldon Adelson, using “silly” voters to fulfill for their personal agendas. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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