Sunday, January 31, 2016


The Iowa caucuses are dangerous in as much as evangelical Christians by sheer numbers dominate them. It isn’t so much what they seem to believe but the manner and fury with which they promote their beliefs. They treat the Bible as if it were a fundamental document they believe it word-for-word, which makes the Bible their constitution. Muslims majorities in some countries believe this same way about the Koran. The people cannot elect because God or Allah is that leader. Of course, the reality is that this puts the power in the hands of a few self-appointed religious leaders who rule by proclamation. The proclamations are what they say the Koran says and that just happens to be what the so-called leaders think. The entire world knows that one of their proclamations is that Christians are evil. Of course, you all know that Evangelicals say that all Muslims are evil. Does anyone doubt where this will lead if left unchecked? I lived next door to an Evangelical Christian Church, which means I heard every misguided sermon. A major theme was Catholics are idol worshipers. That is was a sin to marry someone who was not an evangelical Christian. In addition, they had the “God-given right” right to worship in a loud voice, which to them meant they could pound drums and yell and scream in microphones hooked up to loudspeakers; the Bible tells them so. Our constitution says we have the right to worship, or not to worship, as we please, free of government interference. The danger with Evangelicals is that they believe the Bible tells them they have the right to impose their anti-government dogma on us in an unwelcome and unfriendly way. To them, that is spreading what they believe as “the” Christian message. They are doing this one word or one action at a time; “in God we trust”, “one nation under God”, demand presidential candidates believe in God, open Congress with a prayer. Donald J. Trump can hold a Bible in the air and declare he is a Christian, and they will vote for him which gives them power and that is what makes them dangerous in Iowa. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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