Friday, January 29, 2016


I watched the debate last night. What I found interesting was these people are starting to believe their lies. I am refereeing to the idea that government surveillance of private phone calls is a criminal act amid their outcry that the government must protect our homeland security. Forget that this smacks of the “Fatherland and the F├╝hrer, Heil Hitler.” I give them credit for recognizing and attempting to correct the logic in their reasoning. Every one of them parroted the same thing; they claim we have to restore our military greatness. Of course, the prime objective was to demean all of President Obama’s hard work in restoring peace in the world and replacing fear of us with respect for us. Not one of them mentioned that we now have by far the most powerful military in the world, a war machine second to none. Some even mentioned Ronald Reagan, who the people elected on this same premise. We all remember that he took millions of taxpayer dollars to move the USS Missouri out of mothballs, restore its huge guns, and build a well-trained crew. They did not mention the famous picture of our President in a baseball cap standing at the helm with his bemused smile. Nor did they mention that airplanes have made battleships obsolete. The bottom line is that it is obvious that they are lying, and they believe their lie. The second thing it that they know collecting phone numbers, call durations and frequency data is critical to protecting our country from individual acts of terror from domestic as well as foreign. They also know that private phone companies have and hold this data and that the government is asking them to retain that data and to keep it in a searchable format. Also, they know that the government has done an excellent job of protecting people, but as the myth of our having a weak military, they sincerely believe. Where the lie begins is when they cleverly distort this intent to personify the government and imply that the government will listen to your private conversations, which is something people universally abhor. They know no one does this, but because they can do this, they imply the government does this and further insinuate your neighbor is listening. Thus, they are playing on the fear people have that they are unprotected, and the government is spying on them neither of which is true. Last night, they convinced me that they believe their own ‘dog chaining tail’ lies. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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