Sunday, January 17, 2016


The response in the media to the recent nuclear disarmament treaty and release of prisoners completely mystifies me. There seems a disassociation exists between what the TV, talk radio, and print media broadcasts and what the American people think. As I have mentioned numerous times, the economic elite controls the media more and more, so they are broadcasting what that small element in society feels and thinks. We all understand why that is and often refer to power the radical Supreme Court gives to the top 0.1% through such things as their Citizens United decision. I am not refereeing to this. Aside from all of that including the references to a black President and political party fighting and its associated rhetoric, what I have in mind is what seems to be the change in American thinking. Americans seem to have changed in the way the think about world affairs, war, and religion and what most of us consider usual human relations at both individual levels and group levels. Perhaps, it all relates to the technical world we live in and not some fundamental change in our mental ability. Of course, the best possibility or explanation may be that the impact of the technical world on the chemistry of the brains is changing the way we think as oppose to what we think. The attitude about the treaty and its consequences in the world is a case in point. How can anyone actually believe the treaty is a bad thing? We all understand that the various countries may change their relationships and attitudes toward one another, or that Iran may cheat on the terms of the treaty, but that does not make the treaty bad to the point that we should not have tried to negotiate a treaty in the first place. Unfortunately, Israel’s position in all of this is awkward at best. They are saying they do not want this treaty, but when asked, they also say they would negotiate a treaty that is essentially the same as the one we have. They somehow seem disconnected with reality. Look at Tom Cotton, the letter-writing senator from Arkansas. He is vehemently against the treaty; he and others want to go to war to make Iran stop building atomic bombs. Am I missing something? The GOP knows the treaty in detail even though they say the Democrats somehow did not give them time to read it. They declare they want peace in the world but do not ant to ratify the treaty. Is there something missing in what they said or is it that I just do not understand the language. My point is that we do not seem to be able to communicate. I think I heard all the word and thought I understand each and every one of them, but something is missing. How can I talk to people if I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand me? The media says the nuclear arms limitation treaty with Iran leads to peace, but the treaty is a bad thing; therefore, peace must be a bad thing. As the teenagers say, don’t think about it just “don’t worry, be happy” or was that what the ghost of Bob Marley said about the Iran treaty on the radio just now or maybe he wasn’t talking about the treaty. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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