Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan realizes that the Republican Party has shrunk. He is launching a campaign to create a bigger tent. He does not seem to realize the reason his party is so small is that they base Party philosophy on catering to the rich, and there are very few rich. What he is asking the people to do is to accept something that is diametrically opposite their basic party policy. Ronald Reagan put this country on a course of to plutocracy guided by the famous Milton Friedman of the Chicago school of economics. Friedman was obviously wrong, as was the Nobel Prize Committee for awarding him a Nobel Prize. An average working person can look at the situation and know his economic policy was wrong for the working class and the country. He or she does not have to be an economist to know that money at the top does not “trickle down.” The idea that if money has to be in the hands of job creators if we expect them to create jobs seems irrefutable logic until all the money is in the hands of the job creators and we realize they do not create jobs. The missing element is human greed. Mr. Ryan knows almost everyone now knows that wages are low, productivity is high, and executive salaries are sharply increasing, which is exactly the idealized model Ayn Rand promoted and what Reagan wanted. Rand was a refugee from communist Russia. Anti-communism is the basis for the Republican brand of “anti-communism” that is, and has been, so pervasive it has dominated the political thinking of that Party. Rand Paul is a disciple of Ayn Rand. We all know that Ted Cruz and Marc Rubio are both candidates for President. It has not been lost on the people that they both consider themselves refugee from Cuban communism. We know that Allen Greenspan was also a disciple and Ben Bernanke leans in that direction. We know that billionaire David and Charles Koch are sons of the founding father of the rapidly hateful John Birch Society. Just as we know that Paul Ryan is a native of Wisconsin, the home of the headquarters of the ruminants of the John Birch Society. I say to the people Paul Ryan is talking too, “If you believe that Republicans will support the working people in this country, you have a serious mental problem with your reasoning power.” URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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