Monday, December 21, 2015


Small government conservatives have to take back their party. The only way they are going to do that is to join the liberals in overturning the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision. We, as liberals, need the conservative party balance if we are to have good government. The rich do not want good government, in fact they do not want government. I feel that decision was the worst decisions that court has ever made in the history of this nation. It undermines the principle of democracy. We have a congress controlled by Republicans but that party title has become no more than just a label for hating all government, which is not the same thing as the classic GOP call for small government. Of course, both Democrats and Republicans should want government. However, people, such as the Koch brothers do not want any government because they are there to make all the decisions, which they feel they have the right to do. The basis of this feeling that is the subject of this post. Think about the mind set industrialist have. Most people, regardless of political affiliation, understand the sense of ownership. For example, it is my house, my car, my family, and my neighborhood. Industrialists, such as the Koch brothers, have the same sense. They are spending huge sums of money to buy government representatives and the Supreme Court judges; therefore, they own the government and the court. If they own it they should have the right to control it just as you own your home or your car. However, in addition to the sense of ownership, most people also understand that we have to live together. The only way we can do that is through organization, which is government. Since the Court made that terrible decision, I am seeing a pervasive switch in the attitude of industrialists toward the people who work for them, which curiously seems shared by the workers. What is most troubling is that Congress is supporting that change in attitude of both the people and the industrialists. The “disconnect” is between the government and the congress but also is between the worker and the government. Examination of why this is the case reveals that it is directly traceable to laws related to labor unions. This is not surprising because such laws are standard Republican tactics. What is different is that now it seems there is no longer opposition, so the laws not only pass, but also are much more restrictive. No matter how unfair or unbalanced the work place becomes and no matter how angry the workers become, they do nothing because they do not want a government. In fact, they do not want unions. The curious thing is that more and more workers seem to believe intensely that government is bad to the point that boarders on hate. They believe what the Koch brothers who use their money to saturate the media, which is telling workers the government is evil and labor unions are bad. Workers no longer vote and if they do vote, it is to vote for a candidate the Koch brother financed. In other words, the candidate is someone who will work against the workers. The Citizens United decision has created a downward spiral of hate that will end with workers destroying the only thing that can protect them the tyranny of the rich. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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