Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The warmonger trap is almost set. The first step is to establish that the American people are tired of war. Their previous activity in starting and continuing war in the Middle East has created this situation. The ISIS terror stimulates a continuous tough chest thumping rhetoric to bomb, bomb them into oblivion, and such ridiculous statements that we should make the sand glow keeps the pot stirred. Of course, one man and one woman in San Bernardino shooting up their work place is blown up way out of proportion and made to look as if it is proof we not only should, but also must do these things. Donald Trump and his “ban Muslims” rhetoric along with the Zionist called to hate Palestinians added to the hate by such simple things as a call to ban burkas. All of this adds up to a focus for intense hate. Then we have the national Debt. We cannot pay off that debt because no one wants to raise taxes. Of course, we all know we have that debt because an irresponsible president, George W. Bush, borrowed money from China to fight his war in Iraq. We blame social programs for that debt. Responsible people, such as the current President of the United States, would never repeat that mistake. It should be obvious that we cannot fight another war without raising taxes, and as just mentioned, people do not want to raise taxes, especially because of the debt from the last war. The next step in setting the trap is to accuse our President of being a coward because he is not responding to the threat of ISIS. They accuse him of being a feckless leader. Of course, this is a lie; he boldly had to use his executive authority to do it because Congress refuses to act. In addition, he had to do this within budget, which means use money that should go to pay down our debt. His opposition immediately raised concern by charging that he is acting illegally. All of this is to set the stage for a Republican president, who certainly would be part of the pro war group based on the sources of his campaign funding. The shocking thing is how completely pro-war the field of Republican candidates are as we are sure to hear in the upcoming debates cloaked in excessively patriotic pro American anti Obama rhetoric. This means the trap is set. An irresponsible president will silently borrow money from China. Of course, everyone knows that is “free money”, meaning we do not have to raise “our” taxes to protect America from its enemies. The war will be so small we can fight it with a volunteer army, so no draft. We can spend billions on private contractors, who will do all the things an army normally does such as cook, build roads and bridges, and government buildings at huge, huge profits. The only thing the volunteer soldiers do is serve in rifle company or fly planes and helicopters, that is do all the thing things that may get you killed. All you have to do to do your part is to vote Republican. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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