Saturday, December 12, 2015


I would like to remind my liberal friends that Donald Trump chose the Republican Party. They did not choose him. I have done my share of snipping at Trump for catering to only the radical elements of that party, which he has done. The truth is that we need a sensible conservative party in the United States. We need a party that believes in small government and low taxes. However, I as a liberal believe that there are many, many things where we need the government in our lives. Public education made this country great. Social security has essentially eliminated old age poverty. Obamacare has made health insurance available in health system corrupted by unscrupulous individuals in the free enterprise system. Of course, we have the police and the military and don’t need guns but should have the right own hunting weapons, etc. My fear is that the building intense hate for Trump is that he is endangering the Republican Party. I see the response to the Trump candidacy as an opportunity to shed that party of its radical elements and get it back to what is should be. I guess reading Senator Bob Dole’s recent remarks is what brought this chain of thought to mind as much as did reading the totally demented hate for Obama on Facebook. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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