Friday, December 18, 2015


Representative Paul Ryan is speaker of the House of Representative, the third most powerful position in the United States government. He is a disciple of the now deceased Ayn Rand. She was a prolific author and political philosopher refuge from Soviet Russia driven by hate for the extreme communist form of government practiced in the early 1930’s. Rep. Ryan does not stand-alone in this regard in as much as other Tea Party members assume her philosophy. Two leading candidates for President of the United States are Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both of whom are from families of refugees fleeing the extremes of Castro’s communist Cuba; thus, they base their politics on intense hate for communism. They represent a brand of politics championed by Fred Koch and the John Birch Society of the 1930’s. They are representatives of Ronald Reagan and Senator Joe McCarthy radical wing of the Republican Party. Most importantly, billionaires David and Charles Koch, the sons of the John Birch Society founder, Fred Koch, are financiers of the modern Republican Party. The point is that what we had considered radical thinking a few years ago has become more and more mainlined. I find their tendency to extreme radicalism in support of democracy, dangerous for Democracy. They want to get as far away from Communism as they can, which is the extreme right. I learned early in life that people blinded by hate tend to act irrationally in making important decisions. Capitalism becomes privatization of everything. All reasonable people know that public education, prisons, healthcare, and pensions, for example, the government in a democracy should never privatize these things. The can be the most dangerous example of what the government should never privatize is the police force. We do not have to search very far in our society to find egregious examples of wrongdoing in each of the areas. Even today, when we have not yet entered into a full-blown era of a right wing, profit making, privatization Ryan, Cruz, and Rubio, etc. are seeking, we can easily find criminal examples in privatized areas. Can you imagine what it will be like when those filled with hate take over the government? Student loan scandals abound in privatized colleges. We already have prisons full of minor offenders or “illegal” aliens. We can find people needlessly dying of a curable disease. In spite of social security, we can easily find old people who live in poverty. Among this group, I include those communist hating, radically conservative, small farmers, who can no longer plow their fields but who vote these folks into office because Rush Limbaugh tells them President Obama is going to send the Army to take away their squirrel rifle. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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