Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The recent shooting in Colorado is of great concern to me. Regarding magnitude, it was tragic but it was not a nation-shaking incident. However, I see it as a crack in the door that signals something ominous that is happening nationwide. In the military, people refer to something called mission creep. Mission creep is always there. Only occasionally does it flare up to the point where it is troublesome. The churches, like the military, are institutions we see as a group engaged in similar activities loosely and related by a uniting theme. In an ordered society, they are always there. Both the church and the military seek to gain dominance in the social order. Recently, the church has gained unprecedented political prominence. The people in our nation have a history filled with both peaceful mixtures of religions and some that were not so peaceful, but they always have held religion separate from secular government. Most people refer to the Constitution, which simply says the government cannot create or endorse a religion. In other words, it “keeps government out of religion” but says nothing about “keeping religion out of government”. We see the mission creep in many different ways such as on our money it says, “In God we trust” or Congress opens with a prayer. Recently, because of the turmoil in the Middle East, there seems to be more interest in the part religion plays in government. In a strange twisted way, this has led to a demand by the Christian community to be involved in politics. This what ISIS has as a goal. They want to create a situation where the Christian world stands against the Muslim world; two great armies standing face-to-face killing one another ostensibly based on which God you believe in but factually based on the human kinds innate lust for power. Firetree Publishing Company has published several articles on the blog spot; firetreepub.blogspot. com. The last was, “Christian Hypocrites Keep Refugees Out” and the latest was, “Church Soldier Kills in Colorado”. The Republican candidates for president make the most troubling trend obvious. The In essence, what has happened is that the Republican Party has sold its soul to the church. Ministers, priests, etcetera, especially those who head up mega churches, are given influence in exchange for votes. Every one of the presidential candidates, as well as many politicians, are taking the radical evangelical view of social issues, such as same-sex marriage and abortion. Abortion is no longer a medical decision but is a religion decision based on the concept that life is sacred. Life is precious and something we should protect, but it is not sacred and something we should preserve at all costs. Ministers and politicians have no idea of the medical and social circumstances in which women, families, and physicians have to make such decisions. They have no idea of the social consequences of what they are asking. In effect, church leaders are replacing secular law with the blind ignorance of Biblical Law. Sheira Law horrifies us just as the Biblical Law should horrify us. The ignorant minister stands in front of thousands of ignorant, short-sighted, church members and condemn abortion, euthanasia in medical extremes, the death penalty, divorce, etc. The proof of their ignorance, really is their double standards, is they are the ones calling for more troops in the Middle East to kill ISIS. These people of love and peace are getting us into a war in the Middle East just a surly as they are advocating killing abortion physicians. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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