Friday, December 4, 2015


Why is the gun control debate so crazy? How can NRA leadership support radical positions the majority of their members do not support? Why does the majority of Congress vote against what public opinion polls clearly show is not the majority opinion? Why do experienced deer hunters say they are against gun control because inspectors cannot tell the difference between a deer rifle and an assault weapon? Why do people think only crazy people with guns kill people? Are all unhappy marriages between crazy people? Are all suicide victims crazy? Are children who shoot their siblings crazy? Why have police if everyone has guns? If everyone has guns and we still have assaults with weapons, does that mean we should have bigger guns? I am ashamed to say many of my relatives are among those who post pictures of themselves with big guns or support gun ownership. The usual thing they say it is their Constitutional right but have no idea what the constitution says. Next time they say it is their right; ask them to define the word ‘militia’. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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