Thursday, December 3, 2015


Current conservative philosophy is quite simple. It boils down to “get the government out of everything.” If there is no government, there is no need for taxes to support that government. Also, if there were no government to run things, corporate executives would be in charge. It should be obvious that in such a society, all the money would be in the hands of the top one percent. Also, it should be equally obvious that there would be no labor unions. Of course, wages will fall, and company profits would go up. If there were no government, there would be no public schools open to all children. In that case, only the rich could afford to educate their children. Of course, private schools can close their doors to anyone they chose. Of course, as their literature says, this ensures there is equal opportunity for all; a parent can send their child to any school of their choosing. We know there a many people who are inherently lazy and do not want to work. They want the government to steal money from the hardworking people and give it to them so they can live a life of ease. The answer is to stop all welfare, unemployment, aid to dependent children, etc. Of course, this includes health care. If they cannot afford to pay for their medical care the option is obvious, let the die. If this hangs heavy on your heart, then you are free to give to any charity of your choosing without government interference. In the context of the rich one percent, that means voting is nonsense. Of course, you are free to vote for anyone you chose. One-step toward accomplishing the conservative goal is to make sure has an equal opportunity to vote. Anyone and everyone who is educated, and owns property can vote. However, although there is equal opportunity to vote, the majority of the top 1% already knows they do not want to pay taxes, have public schools, or pay high salaries so why to bother, which makes sense if there is no government. Come to think about it, isn’t that what Reaganomics is all about? Isn’t that what the third world is all about? URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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