Saturday, December 5, 2015


A good guide to follow is to look at what Republicans are saying and then believe the opposite. For example, everyone should have guns. Rich people at the top are job creators. Businesses are people. Support small business such as AT&T, BP, and EXON. There has been a constant wave of GOP propaganda saying we have too much government. The problem is that there is not enough government. The fundamental principle of social organization is that the government is there to do collectively for people what people cannot do for ourselves individually. The Republican stance is that the only thing that qualifies under this principle is to create a military to defend our nation. Obviously, idea extends throughout society down to the individual. We have a police force to protect and defend us from each other and a well worked out system of laws that developed by trial and error for many, many years. The laws are there to protect everyone in all of society. However, the argument made is that this or that person needs a gun to protect themselves from other people with guns, which is an innate tendency but begs the question, what laws do individual with a gun follow. When the individuals who have guns are the police, the problem is clearer, they can not follow their individual instincts. They make judgments based on individual interests and desires and not the public interest; they make laws as they go, which soon gets out of control. Police training centers on dispelling this idea. Politicians need the same training, which points out way Republicans are an anathema to good in government. Think about it this way; does it make sense that they are a politician because they believe good government for everyone is no government. They are quick to personify government and say the government should not tell anyone what to do. My question is how does this differ from chaos or complete anarchy? Where is the sense of social order in this kind of thinking? There is none; it is a never-ending circle. The answer is surprising. In the mind of a Republican, it seems social order only extends as far as that individual can control, which is the definition of government. We happen to be in a part of the cycle right in which the need for more government is obvious. Unfortunately, this means those opposed to more government are most vocal but are calling for more government to satisfy what the people want, which is why they make no sense. Listen to the chaos in which the Republican presidential candidates find themselves. I suspect this is why Donald Trump’s “nonsense” makes good sense to so many GOP primary voters. They want more government in other people’s lives: Muslims, Latinos, blacks, poor people, rich people, and women. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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