Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The Republican Party is finally realizing that they are in a crisis. When I speak about the Republican Party, I am not speaking about the Tea Party, Fox News Anchors, the Koch Brothers, or Reince Priebus, that sad excuse for a Party Chairmen. I am talking about Bob Dole, Michael Steele, and a large number of other small government, conservative, and isolationists at the same time they support the military industrial complex. Although I abhor their philosophy and intuitively think it is wrong headed, we need them as a counter party. They represent a faction of America that is essentially of the opposite or liberal philosophy. Something has happened over the past 10 or so years in that have changed the entire Republican political landscape in out country. It is important to note the Democratic Party has not followed suite and come radical; Democrats are still Democrats. For a long time it seemed like the Republican Party leaders were going along with the shift to the radical elements, but the point in this blog post is to point out that a small faction of the party leaders have realizing this is destroying their Party. Part of the problem was the old Reagan axiom, do not speak ill of a fellow Republicans.” Political scientists have long recognized that strong loyalty is one of the innate trends in conservatives. They are especially loyal to family, city, state, and Nation but also to political party. For a number of years Republicans would not speak ill of such radicals as Mitch McConnell, who wants to keep the President from doing his job. They applauded Paul Ryan who wants to destroy “all” government intervention into our lives such as health care, public schools, and social security. Tie this to the one line spewing of hate by ignoramus Louie Gohmert, or Castro hating Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, and it sounds downright evil Things changed when Donald Trump entered the picture as a Republican. Against a background of cutting taxes and preventing government from working, as is the aim of small government conservatism, one isolated called to ban burkas or build a fenced between the US and Mexico doesn’t sound that bad. They can prevent building of a Mosque in New York City, or refuse to give humanitarian aide to refugees doesn’t sound that bad. However, when Trump collates all the individual hate rhetoric into one campaign, it no longer sounds like loyal to America, but it sounds un-American. What Trump has done is to take the radical positions of each of these individual Republicans, packaged them into one stump speech, and made the collection the Party ideals. The collation of all of the hate groups has resulted in startling poll result, which says Republicans are supporting these ideas. The old Republican Party has few members; it is essentially dead. Trump is the new Republican Party. The remaining core of “old” true loyal American Republican Party is horrified. My message is simple. It may be too late. You may not be able to recover from Trump. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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