Sunday, November 8, 2015


Here is my challenge, if I wrong give me just one example to illustrate why I am wrong. The way to evaluate Republican government is not to examine what the candidates say but examine what they do once elected. We have a series of State Governments totally under Republican control. While it is true that they cut taxes overall, the truth is the tax cuts are disproportionate. Corporate taxes plummet and individual taxes increase. However, there is an element of dishonesty in that because they advertise that they cut taxes but in truth, they shifted the tax burden to the wage earner, which favors the rich and increases the tax on spending. Concerning tax cuts, Republican politicians compensated for the decrease in government income by underfunding corporate regulations. They say this is equivalent to paying lobbyists to convince both Democrats and Republicans politicians to cut regulations on banks, EPA, and a list of etceteras as long as your arm, related to government functions but it is not. The result is that an all-Republican government serves corporate interests but not the interest of the people. The list of examples is long, and the examples are complicated but include such things a student’s loans. Tuition goes up because the tax money is not there to fund the universities. Republicans do not write usury laws, and if such laws exist, they are not enforced. The bottom line is rich people do not borrow money to send their children to college. The land of equal opportunity they guaranteed if elected not longer exist once we elect them and their policies are in place. By looking at who their hero is and what his policies brought the country makes this all clear. One of the biggest issues in this country today is income disparity. Every Republican candidate makes a point of this by mentioning the low wages of working class Americans. They say this to convince us to elect them, and they will correct this, which is equivalent to saying income disparity is the fault of Democrats or that is it just the expected result of the times. My point is that this is classic Republicanism. What they say is just the opposite of the truth. Income disparity is Ronald Reagan’s top down economics. Reagan is their hero, but the truth is that he and his policies did more harm to American than any other president we have ever had. It is directly out of the playbook of Milton Friedman’s Chicago school of economics. In his book "Capitalism and Freedom" (1962) he laid out the plan, and it has been a disaster for the workers of the world. South American dictators came to Chicago and took this plan to their countries; by looking at these countries, we can judge the price the people of this continent to the south have paid. I usually go along with the Nobel Prize committee’s judgment, but they missed the mark by a mile in 1976 with Freidman. It is well to note Reagan did his dirty work as President from 1981 to 1989. We are still paying the consequences. Republicans tell us they are for the working person, and we vote for them on that basis, but it is a lie; it is not the truth. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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