Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Netanyahu is the Janus of Israel. He shows up in Washington showing a different face from the one he had a few short months ago. This time, with hat in hand and oozing contrition, he is begging for the continuation of billions of dollars of U.S. aid to Israel. In a classic move, Netanyahu is asking for an increase in aid in exchange for his agreement on the Iranian nuclear accord, which benefits Israel tremendously in security. In other words, he is asking for our taxpayer’s dollars for his support of an agreement that increases Isreali security. Now is time for President Obama to tell him to go to hell publically and openly push for his removal from that office. He has created untenable belligerent conditions in the Middle East and fostered hate for his nation from all around the world. Among other things, he said he supports a two-state solution, which will not happen as long as he is Prime Minister of Israel. The conditions Israel offers for a two state, no sane Palestinian would accept any more than they would accept the original 1947 United Nations partition agreement if the United Nations were to open up that question again. Israel should be a Vatican-like spiritual home for Judaism and not a nuclear-armed military bastion of power driven by hate for Palestinians. Making it a refuge home for “all” Jews around the world, as has happened, forces the need for more land, thus drives the situation and will continue to make it worse. Israel was on a course moving it toward stability when a series of unfortunate mishaps in their government gave Netanyahu minority leadership. A right-wing political faction, that resembles the Tea Party in the United States, supported him. He used that power to reverse the trend toward peaceful coexistence and put Israel on the course it is on today, which is to dominate the entire Middle East as a raw military and economic power. Obama opposes him and is winning in spite of the right-wing Republican extreme, which big money under the name of APAC, has bought and paid. In this case, it is our own taxpayer’s money coming back to haunt us. Americans should support the existence of Israel, but not Netanyahu’s Israel. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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