Friday, November 13, 2015


The both political parties are sending an important message in this political campaign for president. It is a message we all know but to see it in print shocks us. We accept the idea that the objective of political parties is to divide the people into factions. There are those who believe “we the people” should be the leading force in society while there is another faction that believes society works best with individuals leading us. Historically, and innately, the story of humankind would suggest individual leadership is not only best but also the most natural. The story of "animal kind" would suggest the same thing, for example, a pack of wolves has a leader. Anytime there is a group of people the first thing we do is look for a leader. It isn’t until we step back and look at social structure do we realize the overriding force is that of the group. We have said this many different ways but in essence, it means those we all agree that we should choose to our leader, which means the political force is with the people. Thus saying, “The first thing we do” is to look for a leader, which opens the question, what do we mean by “we.” What “we” really means is that we try to winnow out people we do not agree with until we end up feel that we are the individual that makes the final decision. Stated another way, we want the final decision to be our decisions. In essence, this process of compromising means the closer you are to my decision the more likely I am to agree with it. The process within the political parties has reached a point where we have a discontinuous spectrum in both parties but especially within the Republican Party. Philosophically, the radical right move so far from the standard conservative right that they are starting to fragment the party. The news media refers to them as “primary voters”. The ominous message in all of this is that the Republican primary voters have more and more power in choosing the final right wings presidential candidate. The Republican political operatives were so proud that they were able to gain millions of listeners to hear their debates they forget that the people who listen will be the voters. Everyone who listens hears all of the extreme rhetoric candidates say to appeal to the radical primary voters. As with so many things in life, they have to be careful about what they wish. For example, the majority of people in this country do not want more war yet every “tough guy” candidate, but Rand Paul, said they want war. In addition, they all act like purists and say they want to deport all eleven million illegal “Latino” immigrants. All of a sudden, the party operatives are starting to realize they gave the radical right wing of their party too much power and the Party might end up with Trump or Carson as their presidential candidate. The great majority of Americans think either of these two would be a joke as President and will not vote for them. As one of the candidates said, the Democrats are giving high fives. The sad truth is that what they have done will hurt the American political process if Democrats respond in kind by nominating Bernie Sanders, a radical left candidate to counteract the radical right. As a member of the radical left, I would vote against Sanders and for Hillary because I do not feel the country is ready for his kind of government even though I embrace many of his ideas especially those concerning labor unions. Of course, I will push as hard as I can for Clinton to do more to favor unions. Isn’t that what it means to compromise? URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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