Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Ku Klux Klan of 1865 is something we that should worry us in 2015. I am a new resident of North Carolina and was shocked when in November 2014, the voting tally came in, and conservative Thom Tillis won a Senate Seat. In the early results, Tillis was winning with 48.95% of the vote to Liberal Kay Hagan’s 47.14%. Then I realized, North Carolina is the same state where the people had repeatedly elected the famous openly bigoted Jesse Helms to the Senate, who was a right-wing politician. A 5-4 Supreme Court decision invalidated a crucial part of the Voting Rights Act preceded the election of Thom Tillis. That ruling by the conservatives on the Court prevented the singling out of states with proven voter rights violations and subjecting them to Federal oversight. After the election, in the year 2015, a newspaper article appears saying that Winnabow, North Carolina residents were concerned by a flood of KKK fliers that appears in their neighborhood. These are only three of many examples of newly emerging and openly racist acts after a period of decreased racial tension. In other states, we see many incidents of racially based incidents, some were more horrific than others, for example, the South Carolina Church shooting. When we look at a political Red versus Blue map of the Untied States, we see a tendency for the red to be in the old plantation South. This not only worries me, but it also scares the hell out of me. Political operatives are corrupting our political system by hate. Please, note it is like lying, it takes two; one to tell the lie and the other to believe it. It takes one promote the hate and the other to support it. As I stood to vote in North Carolina on November 14, 2013, I saw the majority of people in the line were old white haired men the people who were old enough to have voted of Jessie Helms. When I looked at who financed the campaigns of McCrory and Thom Tillis, I saw a list of old white haired men, who make millions from businesses located in poverty-stricken urban areas and or rural marginal small farm areas. Did I mention that Anonymous recently leaked to share a list of “up to 1000″ Ku Klux Klan members and affiliates with the public? Many on the list were politically prominent white-haired old men. Did it surprise you that the name Thom Tillis was on the list? URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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