Thursday, November 5, 2015


Chuck Todd interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about his views on the Middle East. Subsequently, the interview was widely distributed. As we have learned to expect, the wide distribution of the Todd interview on the right-wing media directly relates to the negativity of this Senator’s view about Obama’s policies. He said little during the interview that was different from his past utterances. He continued to promote the usual right–wing hate Muslim propaganda. I suddenly realized the significance of what he was saying. His stated position is identical to the radical Islamist position. That is true, but it is also true that he wants the same thing the Islamist extremists want, which is an all out war. He is working to promote the same thing the radical Islamists are promoting which means he is aiding them to achieve their final objective. He said Islamic extremist are always trying to kill someone by any means possible. Indiscriminately label people as being different and then kill him or her because they are different. Recall that he and John McCain base their entire foreign policy on killing Muslims. The right-wing loves being “so tough no one will mess with us”. We joke about it because the John Wayne policy is so blatant and repetitious; we all know about McCain singing “bomb, bomb, bomb” Iran. Senator Lindsey Graham is like a very young, uneducated child with no sense of consequences when it comes to foreign policy; if children in the sandbox have something you want, you hit them and take whatever it is you want. What is clear is that the well thought out Middle East policies of President Obama is calling attention to Graham’s extreme naiveté. The interview also made clear that Graham couldn’t even begin to comprehend those policies, which perhaps the reason the President doesn’t even try to explain his policies to contain, weaken, and let them the radicals destroy one another. Graham’s statement that President Obama does not have a policy in the Middle East is the President’s way of conceding that people like Graham and McCain has no understanding of that policy. It is easier to say there is nothing to understand, so why to try. The mystery is why does a person like Chuck Todd conduct interviews the way he does. Todd is a smart man. The only answer I have is he deliberately wants to hurt Obama and is willing to use Graham as his mouthpiece. That way, when caught, he can point his accusing fickle finger at Graham and say it wasn’t me who said that it was him. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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