Sunday, November 22, 2015


Has big business so decimated labor that Unions cannot even mount a cry for support in a presidential year? We can list the tie between our current difficulties and the weakness of labor in the political arena. The major economic issues in our nation have to do with increased productivity and decreased wages. The fact of economic disparity between the very rich and the poor is clearly a major issue. The hero of the far right is Reagan, the author of the supply side economics, which is at the heart of our nation’s current economic dilemma. We can tie labor union difficulties directly to the Republican Party. There can be no question. A direct connection exists between labor unions membership and wages because as union membership goes down, wages go down. Republican majorities in legislative bodies have destroyed unions by writing laws with misleading names, such as the right to work law yet Republicans dominate governorships and dominate legislatures in a majority of states. Everyone knows about this, and I write and write about his disparity, but still workers, small farmers, and their families go out and vote against their interests. Yes, corporate farmers have destroyed small farmers just as industrialists have destroyed labor union. It makes no sense that the workers in America are silent in the election year. Yes, we hear about Democrats as liberals on social issues here and there but we do not hear from workers. The only time we hear from small farmers is when they complain about the price they get for their produce as if they don’t realize they are in competition with highly subsided corporate farms. I get the impression they are more concerned about registering a gun then they are about their livelihood or spend their time with their mind on put on idle while driving a tractor 12 to 14 hours a day worrying same-sex marriage will force them to marry someone of the same sex. There can be no question when unions existed they donated to political campaigns. By destroying unions, the industrialists have destroyed labors’ voice in politics, and the same forces corrupted the Supreme Court when ruled “dollars are words”; thus, the rich are free to buy elections. The country is way out of balance! As I have posted before, if this country survives from Reaganomics, organized labor will have to do it. I want to hear from them in this campaign. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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