Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The average of five polls was 5.3 points for the democrat winning. For of the five polls favored the Democrat and only one favored the Republican candidate for governor in the state of Kentucky. After election officials counted the vote the Republican won by 53% to 44% of the vote. In other words, there was a nine-point difference in the vote favoring the Republican candidate or a 12.3% point difference between the poll results and the vote. The question is, was there something in rotten in the way the votes were counted in the State of Kentucky or did the pollster fail? The real answer is neither of these two possibilities is correct. The polls would have been accurate if everyone had voted, but they didn’t. Political scientists know one-issue voters are the ones who go to the voting booth on “off year” elections. There is a clear message in this Kentucky election. We fell our fellow men will recognize and favor us if we stand upon issues in which we are emotionally involved. We all recognize the human emotions with driving force are love, hate, fear, and compassion. Republicans have learned to feed on and otherwise use these emotions to capture these voters via the media and the church pulpit and avoid the intellectual argument such as we need good government to advance as a society. Good government comes when the elected representatives come when everyone is equally represented in that government. We can preach all we want about, “we the people”, one man one vote, and fair elections but all of this falls on deaf ears if people fear someone is cheating at polling places, or if we are killing babies, or don’t want to or are incapable of protecting their nation from terrorist. We don’t have to prove people are cheating to pass voter ID laws, which are clearly designed to suppress minority voters. We can close Planned Parenthood Clinics and deny thousands of women health care for fear someone might have an abortion and kill a baby. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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