Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The media treatment of President Obama over his statement concerning the current state of ISIS being contained has been deplorable. Once again, all I ask is that you think for yourself and don’t let some reporter think for you. Reporters have an agenda, which is to sell newspapers or increase viewers. What has been happening over the past few years is the ISIS went from acquiring land and dominating cities with sympathetic Islamist populations, which means they were dominating cities with Shia sect propensities. The people in these cities were not radical, but the invaders were. ISIS reflected the overall religious struggle between Sunnis and Shia sects. In the eyes of the sect-blind western journalist; hence, in the eyes of those who follow them, they interpreted to mean ISIS was dominating all Muslim. When our President says he has contained ISIS, he means he has stopped this territorial spread of ISIS, which is a huge victory against great odds. He has done that with the introduction of a coalition of Saudi, Egypt, and other Sunni nations balanced by a now cooperating but admittedly not very friendly Iran, Syria and Iraqi governments; the Iraq government is the one Bush installed. Israel is a burr under his saddle. The President achieving the nuclear no proliferation treaty with Iran was a great victory in as much as it allows the collation to form but at the same time sent a message to Israel, we not them are in charge of affairs the Middle East. When the newspapers and TV talking heads mention a coalition, they are talking about a grouping of western nations friendly to the United States and United in their opposition to ISIS. The entry of Russia into the fray was tedious but was an indication that Russia was part of that coalition. They wanted a seaport in the Mediterranean and supported Assad to do that. However, the anti-Assad forces in Syria were not interested in fighting ISIS; they were fighting Assad’s Syrian army. This left a vacuum in Syria filled by ISIS. Putin put Russia in a knot tied between ISIS and anti-Assad forces. President Obama was clever enough to avoid that dilemma, although McCain wanted to arm the anti-Assad forces, thinking that arms designed to kill people would be like candy and flowers and would convince the Syrians we were their friends and then the would join us in fighting ISIS. By the way, he had no idea of who they were. As I keep saying, McCain is far from being the sharpest tack in the box. President Obama won a great victory in containing ISIS in Syria when he managed to allow Russia in the fight but on our side. The Kurds are an ethnic group whose tribal beliefs have nothing to do with the territory they occupy, which involves parts of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Their aim, as a group, is to arm themselves and create and independent country, which they would rule by force. They are fighting all three governments, including Assad as well as fighting the anti-Assad elements in Syria. National allegiance plays no part in their struggle. Western journalists, led by nationalist Politicians such as Sen. John McCain, divide them up as pro-United States and anti-United States. In his simplistic mind, he can only see the Kurds as fighting ISIS; thus, he is strongly for sending arms, training troops for them, and giving them air support. Consequently, both he and the media completely ignore the effect of our supporting the Kurds, who as just explained are fighting the Turks. President Obama needs a friendly Turkey if he is to stop the flow of ISIS fighters into and out of the territory, which he is the goal toward which he is working. The people who read the media and listen to their reports do not understand what a tremendous victory it is for the administration to maintain that friendship. President Obama can truly claim he has contained ISIS. They are no longer expanding territorial conquest. They are no longer a merging state capable of expanding to the control of the entire Middle East. He has reduced them to committing acts of terror like the gang of thugs that they are. I wonder if the media will ever catch up to reality. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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