Sunday, November 1, 2015


The only person I know of in Washington, who can handle the delicate situation in the Middle East, is our current President. When I look at the candidates for president, both Republican and Democrats, I see no one capable of doing the job without blowing it up into massive Muslim versus Christian war. Hillary Clinton is philosophically the closest one to Obama. Also, I see the White House door open to having Obama act as an advisor. I look at Trump and Carson as politically and diplomatically incapable of handling that balance between the diverse powers at play in that region. What this means, if the people elect them, they will turn over diplomatic relations to so-called “experts” who represent two major factions in the United States society. The first is the powerful military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about, but that advice we did not heed. We know the results of that by examining the tumultuous aftermath of the George W. Bush administration. Not only did they leave the Middle East in a mess but also they left the American economy in shambles. The second faction is the Zionist faction, which appears larger and more powerful than it is because of one billionaire who stepped into the door opened by the corrupt Supreme Court. That billionaire is the greediest of the greedy billionaires is Sheldon Adelson. He is the same man who publishes a newspaper in Israel and held illegal fund raises for people like Romney to funnel illegal sized donations of both foreign and American money into his campaign. Much to the shame of our system of government, Adelson is actively engaged in buying presidential candidates. Most of us think of him regarding his be that Marko Rubio will win the election because campaign financing. The sad truth is if the people elect any Republican, Adelson will have bought and paid for a huge share of influence. Adelson will hedge his bet. I heard the unbelievable the other day; someone said that Putin would not be in Kosovo if Reagan had been president. We all remember Reagan as the demented looking man wearing a baseball cap at the helm of the battleship Missouri. Or, we will remember the tough Commander in Chief of the most powerful army in the world who invaded the friendly Caribbean island nation, Granada. Perhaps we should remember the rough guy president who got 241 of our military killed in Lebanon so he could look tough in the fight against terrorism. I won’t mention the fact that Reagan was the president who pull up stakes and ran after that happened. Perhaps we should remember war hero Olli North with his chocolate cake diplomacy in Teheran. By the way, he also took a bible. The point is Reagan was all bluster and show but had no substance—my God, a cake and a bible. Bush was at the other extreme; lash out at someone as long as someone made money. The conclusion is if you elect a Republican because of your belief in marriage, or abortion, guns, or do not like government, you will have voted for the war. Puff out your chest like the tough American you are and then sell your house and buy stock in Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, or other military supply manufacturers. It makes sense. Why not join the military industrial complex and get rich. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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