Saturday, November 21, 2015


Last night, Rachael Maddow seemed incensed that people were attacking the media for doing their jobs, which is to report the news. I would point out to her they are not upset for reporting the news, but they are upset, including me, because of the way they report what is happening around the world. An individual or a small group of terrorist representing a group of political radicals can slaughter people in dance halls or at music concerts, blow up a bomb in a crowded square, or occupy a hotel and kill several guests, which should be accurately, and truthfully reported. The fear these acts instill in the hearts of people around the world is immeasurable. My objection to their reporting is 24-hour TV programs repeating horrific details of each incident and bold headlines screaming that a wave of terror is ISIS sweeping the world, which directly feeds into the objective of the terrorists. ISIS is not dead. Al Queda is growing, and we can expect to find them with their guns and bombs lurking around every corner of the world. However, if you ask the reporters, they will be quick to tell you they are not “actually” there behind each corner, but we can expect to find them there. As a further example, the media reports some opposition politician said the President is not telling the truth, or he is incompetent. I heard more times than I can count that some politician said he is a Muslim and was not born in the United States. I think President Obama heard this so many times even he began to wonder if he knew his mind. The reporters or TV talking heads reports know what they say is not the truth, but they repeat the lies and do so in a way intended to give credibility to the lies, even when they are second hand such as this “credible” newspaper reports this or that TV news programs said this thing. The logic is that if it were not true a credible news outlet would not say it. It appears that the authors of “Homeland” based their entire Show Time series on this premise. My point I that is hard to tell if “Homeland” is drama or news. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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