Thursday, November 19, 2015


The Conservative campaign plans for the upcoming presidential election is clear. If you tell a lie often, no matter how ridiculous it is, people will believe it. The sad truth is that they will believe it even if it is obviously against their interest. What you need is lots of money, control of the media, and a few smooth talking heads. The combination of the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision created the conduit for money to buy the media and then promote people like Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough to tell the lies, and the circuit is complete. Some of worry about people like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck with the cults they have formed, but the real danger is Todd and Scarborough. The lie is that the Obama presidency is a failed presidency. The truth is that it is one of the most, if not the most successful progressive presidencies since Teddy Roosevelt. I know, Roosevelt was Republican, but he was progressive. It may be beyond what most people would care to dig into political history, but Taft was his conservative contemporary and stood in marked contrast to Roosevelt. Unlike what happened with the convoluted presidency of Roosevelt 1901 to 1909 that changed just the domestic business climate in the United States for the better, President Obama has changed the entire world for the better. Obama has dug us out from under the Republican mess created by George W. Bush. He has not been able to restore working wages created by the top down economy of Ronald Reagan because of the Republican controlled Congress. The conservatives are now as vehemently denying ownership of the Bush presidency, but it is hard to deny that George was a puppet of the Republican machine. They are too busy denying that Congress is responsible for the lack of jobs and the low wages; they blame Obama for that. In fact, that is the basis for their big presidential lie, which is the subject of the constant torrent of subtle but nasty comments Todd and Scarborough keep making about Obama’s presidency. It makes no difference to them who is President as long as it is not a liberal. They are not promoting one or the other of the myriad candidates. Whoever it is, will be a figurehead for the cadre of GOP advisor waiting in the dark halls of Washington. There are so many examples failed GOP leadership that it is hard to pick one. Look at North Carolina for example. Governor McCrory is an employee of Duke Energy. He has a Republican legislature. He just passed and signed a bill to give energy companies the right to frack in his state, ignore environmental guidelines, and award $500,000 subsidies to energy companies who will do the fracking. We have laws against dumping coal ash waste into rivers, but it is well to not to mention they defund the state agency that is charged with doing inspections. The GOP has ads on TV telling us that they cut the budget and cut taxes. They do not tell us where the $500,000 came from nor do they tell us that they cut taxes on corporations. Is it too hard to figure out that the money not spent on environmental inspections had to go somewhere. Aside from all of this, did I mention the passes voter suppression laws and law to prevent judges from applying Sheri law in our courts? Maybe I should mention they almost passed a law establishing a state religion. You would think all of this would be so obvious it would not work, but it does work. Now that they prevented judges from doing something they have never done or never would do, people are too busy preventing Obama from taking their guns or posting clever little attacks against him on Facebook. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated


  1. It's a beauty contest now, Sadly it's on both sides. Both parties know how to play on the emotions of the people. Why do you think Obama ensured representatives of his were at Funerals of African American or Black "victims" of Police violence then utilized that as a way to say republicans were racists. He played a role... he did an amazing job to take race so far into the political game that being black is now democratic votes.

    Republicans continually play the christian card, don't get me wrong I am a weekly church goer but as much as my opinion of being Pro-life, and Pro-heterosexual marriage. I know that isn't worth a vote because my beliefs are only part of it. I just wish I could watch a debate that isn't a beauty contest on both sides.

    1. “then utilized that as a way to say republicans were racists.” What you say is interesting but just how did he do that?