Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The message from the Republican presidential candidate’s debate last night is clear; a Republican president would be a disaster for America. Every one of them, except Rand Paul, wants to build up the military to be the biggest, strongest military in the world. Someone should tell them to open their eyes. By far, we have the biggest and strongest military in the world. I suspect they know this, so what they are saying is we should use what we have. That means they are saying we should beat up someone somewhere to show they “we” tough. Maybe we should pull a Reagan and invade little Granada, as one reporter called, “a lovely little war” and left them with a bloody nose. Then there was Rand Paul, who was jumping up and down during the debate asking how we are going to pay for it. The answer is, they will pay for it just as Bush paid for the Iraqi war, which is that he borrowed the money from China. Do I have to mention my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to pay for that war? The candidates recognize this when one after another; they mention President Obama’s is not doing enough to pay down that debt. The good thing is they say in mass that as Republicans they will cut taxes, which means cutting government spending. They will cut support for universities so the tuition will have to go up. They will give tax breaks to corporations so business can boom, usually couched in the idea that they are job creators. They pass right to work laws, which destroy unions and lowers wages, which means parents cannot afford college educations. Worrying about tuition costs then is the same thing as me worrying about the maintenance cost on my 12-cylinder Jaguar sports car when all I can afford is a bicycle. Did I mention Jaguars are like everything on the shelves in a Wal-Mart, all imported? They tell us is good they sell something we can afford because we do not earn enough to afford things made in America. What a person from Heritage Foundation told his TV interviewer said it all when he said Obamacare or “affordable health care” is against Republican philosophy. To them, that makes good sense. In a capitalistic system, how can you have healthy competition in health care if it is affordable to everyone? What good is education if everyone is educated? How can it be good to own you own home, if everyone can own his or her house? How can it be good to eat if you do not know what it means to be hungry? What good is freedom to choose, if everyone one has freedom? From top to bottom, Republican philosophy stinks and, last night, the debaters were able to make that clear. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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