Saturday, November 28, 2015


Another Planned Parenthood Clinic killing has come and gone without one word said about the real cause of all this strife. How can it be that no one seems to appreciate the difference between believing life is precious versus life is scared? The difference is that quality of life enters the picture when we say life is precious, and we should treat it with care. What does it mean to say someone or something is brain dead. In that case, what, exactly is it that we treat with care? When we include suicide bombers and inspired religious wars in the discussion, we extend the confusion. Of course, these things make no sense if we treat life as being “precious no matter where we find it”. Do suicide bombers treat themselves as being brain dead? Do we treat the enemy in a religious was as being brain dead? My conclusion is that religion teaches about life in a distorted and twisted way. If we think life is sacred, as taught by the Church, it is OK to take life to preserve a “life”. Said another way, life is no longer precious if you are not a member of a certain group. As ugly as the results are, life is no longer a biological phenomenon but as the “Church” defines it. Suddenly, this argument broadens to include a wide-ranging discussion of “moral groups”. We all understand the biological concept of food. We certainly treat cattle as being in a moral group different from our moral group. We kill them with impunity. In a religious war, we treat those of one religion as a different moral group. Your life has no value if you are the enemy. For most, to include “moral groups” as a social concept in a discussion of life is a big leap, yet, we do it every day in many different ways. The Colorado shooting is one small example. Some see those who took those lives as heroes. The shooter sees himself as a soldier of the church. My point in this post is that if asked, the Church leader will deny any association with the killer. I listened all morning to the news, and the talking heads did not hear one word about Church leaders, who preach that abortion is murder, which will condemn the shooter. Am I way off base in saying that they caused this killer to believe that he was doing a good deed by killing people associated with abortion? The church remains silent. All the anti-abortion restriction imposed by elected lawmakers that cause misery for millions of women are enacted by those supported by churches or at least make that claim; yet, no one blames the church for causing all that misery. In their twisted minds, no matter the circumstances, they blame the victim. It would cause a firestorm to say the church is directly responsible for killing those people in Colorado yet, clearly, the church that is preaching that life is sacred when it is not sacred is responsible. The organic truth is that life is precious. We should accept that and move on to struggling with the question concerning how we can increase the quality of life for as many as possible. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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