Monday, November 16, 2015


Christiane Amanpour is the Chief International Correspondent for CNN and host of CNN. She is usually able to give in-depth analysis of international situations in the Middle East; however, when it comes to analysis of what President Obama said in his speech this morning she fell flat on her face. She failed her followers, including me. What she said about his speech and his approach to the crisis in the Middle East makes me wonder what her motive is. I suspect the excitement surrounding the attack in Paris is what is driving her and not the overall facts of the situation. After all, she is a British-Iranian journalist and television host; therefore, her profession drives her to seek headlines, which is her motive and not thoughtful analysis. President Obama has to step back and analyze the roots of these problems from a pragmatic point of view. For example, he has declared and rightfully so, that ISIS is contained. She cited the Russian plane disaster, the bombing of Beirut, Lebanon, and the horrific attacks in Paris as evidence that ISIS is not contained as a means of ridiculing the President’s assessment. They are talking about two entirely different things. For example, what military action can the President take to defend the people around the world from terrorist attacks? What targets do we bomb in Paris or Lebanon as opposed to what targets do we bomb in Syria and in Iraq, where US policy has “contained” them in shrinking territories. As Obama points out, we also have to defeat them politically. He is doing that by turning what they claim as their religion against them. Islamists have to clean their house. Rather than trying to explain the situation, Amanpour feeds into the hysteria built around the Paris killings. Reporters fill the media with this ridiculousness; as a friend summed up the sentiment; he said we should “round them up and kill them all”. The President has carefully explained the problem is with a group of radical people who claim they gather under the banner of Islam. They seek political power, and the media response is giving it to them. The very fact that the leader of the major country in the world has to spend a TV interview discussing a small group of dissidents and explaining their objectives is disturbing. That is what they wanted. That is the power of terrorism, which Amanpour and other like her are exponentially expanding with their exaggerated analyses. They turn a small group of people into a world driving force. A few people put a bomb on plane or eight people stimulated to kill large numbers of people. In France, these eight men terrorize 65 million people, and we hear Amanpour by speculation expand that to include many countries in the world”. According to her and reporters like her, there is a terrorist hiding behind every rock and every backpack has a bomb. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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