Wednesday, November 11, 2015


A few thought about being a veteran seems in order. I look at post after post, on Facebook, read the newspapers, and watch TV and see accolades showered on veterans thanking them for their service. As an individual, who is proud to be an American, apparently I feel a little different than most. I look at my four years in the Navy served and two tours of duty in Korea during and after the Korean War. No one has to thank me for serving or being on a ship people shot at in anger; in fact, I rather resent having someone say that to me. It was an honor for me to serve. Ask yourself, as Americans, what else can you do to show your gratitude for being born here or choose to live in this great country if that is the case? This country is the people who live here. I was not wounded or even suffered illness while in the service. The taxpayers owe me nothing; I owe them. Of course, veterans who were wounded or suffered severe anxiety due to enemy action, or otherwise paid a price associated with being in the service to deserve special attention. If they need medical care for service-related disabilities, they should get it. Most of us have no way of knowing who does and who does not deserve special attention. We should thank those who do for their service. I think it is terrible wrong for most of us to expect the taxpayers pay for medical care for us or to expect even special thanks for our service. In fact, I think those who do should be condemned for asking. Those who complain about the Veteran Administration not doing their job need special scrutiny in this regard. Obamacare is another matter, we as a rich nation deserve health care, but not because we were in the service. The GI bill of rights is another matter as well. For the government to pay for education is a privilege of living in a rich country. To have a well-educated population is a country building exercise and the government should direct such efforts, not just for men and women who served but should be for everyone. I include other social programs intended to help the poor and otherwise needy as well. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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