Monday, October 12, 2015


We have only Democrats debating only Democrats and the same with Republicans, which is fundimentally wrong. The Republican debate was a great example of 11 peoples all saying the same thing in 11 different ways. The Democratic debate is stacking up to be the same thing. What the American people need to hears is the 11 candidates and the 5 Democrats debate 1 format, 16 people on the same stage. I would love to hear how the 11 Republicans would respond to being accuse do being capitalists by Bernie Sanders. I would enjoy hearing Donald Trump defend his immigration stance against Hillary Clinton. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear Ben Carson defend his lack of government experience against Martin O’Malley’s 15 years of government leadership? My point is simple. The political parties control the debate and it is in their parties’ interest to restrict the debate to only their choice of candidates. The American People should choose the candidate who best airs their views. What this would do is change the presidential election from parties view to the views of the individual candidate. I hear people say they vote for the candidate. No, they don’t; they vote for the candidate whose views best fits the party philosophy. I sincerely believe this is reason the people of our country will never elect a president who has both economic conservative beliefs and socially liberal beliefs, which is what I as a strong bleeding heart liberal might want to see in that office. I want an economic conservative who sees the value in paying off the nations’ trillions of dollars debt, and is willing to raise taxes to pay for the things the people in this nation want as well. I could care less if that person is a gay black female, with a Spanish sir name. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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