Thursday, October 8, 2015


The fact that Donald Trump is leading in polls tells you something unexpected about the Republican mindset. The GOP spills a lot of ink in the media about them not wanting the government involved in their lives, but the truth is something else. The poll results indicate to me that the people want the government to do something. This Republican-controlled Congress is the laziest Congress ever, which is what a plutocracy wants, which is what the dispensers of the big money that are driving that the party wants. They want big business to run the country, but it is not what the Republican voters want. They want the government in their lives but in a way that helps them. Aside from the name-calling, Trump has built his entire campaign for president on the one simple idea that he will “make deals”. In his mind, as president, he will make “great” deals. He must realize that the president is part of the government. Also, he must know that the President has no power to make deals. If the Congress does not want the deals he makes it is dead; however, a Republican-controlled Congress would want the kind of deals he would make. Of course, we as voters must look at the nature of the deals he wants to make, which is where the real danger lies. They would suffer from them just as they are now suffering. They pick out what they see as faults in our economy and declare in the campaign that they will correct those faults. For example, they point out the failure of wages to increase with increased productivity. The lack of people having adequate pension funds even with Social Security upsets them. Also, they decry the lack of universal health care. They point out that most families cannot afford to send their children to college. Besides, they are upset over the national debt but are not willing to increase taxes. Likewise, they are willing to start a war in the Middle East without increasing taxes. The list seems endless. All of this is true, but my point is that everything on that list is the result of policies a Republican Congress put into place starting 35 yeas ago. Union busting Ronald Reagan and his trickle down economics and David Stockman’s voodoo economics did it. To elect of Donald Trump and allow him to use the Congress and the government as Reagan did to make deals would be a disaster. We learned the hard way about what kind of deals he would make. We know that they want the government in our lives but only on their terms. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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