Saturday, October 31, 2015


The Republican Party is in chaos, and everyone knows that. However, the news media is in chaos but has no idea it has a problem. During and after the debate aired on CNBC, four or five of the candidates while on stage criticized the media. Soon after the debate, their respective campaign organizations joined the candidates in their finger pointing. The Republican Party joined in the mêlée in the form of Reince Priebus, the RNC national chair. Of course, the entire cadre of media representatives acted the part of offended schoolchildren. The most common refrain heard from the media was; yeah, they always try to blame us for pointing out the truth. With that in mind, I have a message for the media; you stink! I am no fan of the Republican Party and certainly not a fan of any of this group of Republican candidates or most of what they stand for and how they stand for what they believe. After having said that, it is clear the way the news media approaches their job, is really at fault for much of our civil unrest in this country and perhaps the world. We all appreciate the important and critical part free press plays in politics. That is, they play an important part when they do their jobs the way they are supposed to do that job. Put it, this way, they should report the news and not make the news. The news is what these candidates think about policy. As politicians often do, they lie about what they truly believe to gain votes. Therefore, finding the truth can be a very difficult thing. The nature of the news surrounding the abortion question is an example of this. The Republican candidates are vehemently anti-abortion under all circumstances. Careful questioning can reveal that they loudly proclaim they are anti-abortion, but some would make exceptions for rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother; except, then they are talking to a church group there are no exceptions. If you drill down far enough, for example, and ask the question of abortion of a fetus that is not capable of surviving once born such as microcephaly, schistosomes reflexes, and a whole host of other developmental problems not to mention all the questionable conditions that greatly affect the quality of life of the mother and the child such as trisomy. If you investigate, you will often find a direct connection with religions that teach life is sacred therefore we cannot take that life for any reason. In other words, some religiously motivated clown, someone who views him or herself as a leader, who has no stake in the game, telling families they have to sacrifice the rest of their lives for the sake of religious beliefs. Doing this is equivalent to county clerk telling two people they cannot marry or buy contraceptives or worse yet implying that a couple they cannot have sex unless they want to have a child. The amazing thing is these people are the loudest ones, the most fundamentalist, when it comes to reading all sections of the Constitution except the first, and second amendments; separation of church and state and only militia can own guns. Reporters are interested in finding gotcha moments or items of personal infidelity, etc then they are interested in finding out what a candidates’ policy is and what the basis is for their stand on that policy. Every time I hear one of them say, “as revealed by this or that reporter in an interview, I think reporters’ personal notoriety is what drives our news and not what the facts might be. During the Republican debates, I saw three of the best reporters CNBC had to offer to make damn fools of themselves trying to create news. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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