Monday, October 26, 2015


It matters a great deal that we chose to be president but why it matters is lost in the morass of presidential politics. I reviewed the candidates for the upcoming 2016 elections and saw prime examples of what could happen if we are unaware of this impact. What is not surprising is that it is most obvious when we have some candidates in one Party. President Obama’s presidency has proven my point. He is shaping decision in both domestic and foreign policy. I look at the George W. Bush presidency for contrast. The Bush administration made world-shaking foreign policy decisions in the Middle East that we have to live with a long, long time to come. If you noticed in the last sentence, I switched the emphasis from the president making decisions to his administration making decisions; there is a big difference. To point out this basic difference is the objective of this blog post. I contrast the candidacies of Jeb Bush, Ben Carlson, Bobby Jindal, and Carla Fiorina, for example, in contrast to the candidacy of Donald Trump. This string of candidates would only be figureheads for the Republican Party advisors who are eagerly waiting to rule the country. We can learn an important lesson from the George W. Bush presidency. Many of us remember the talk about Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Paul Wolfowitz, actually being president and not Bush. The Think Progress Team sums up the situation quite well with their list of the top 43 worst Bush appointees. Cheney and Rove top the list. The sad truth is that this contention is true, to the point that it was the Republican Party and not Bush who was in power and made all of the disastrous decisions. Bush was only the dunce sitting in the corner, to take the blame for all the disastrous policy decisions. Who in modern America would vote for George W. Bush again? Even the Bush name is an anathema. What I don’t understand is why do we not put the Republican Party in the same light. After all, it was they and not the figure heard Bush, who held the power. Obviously, Bush could not control them as Obama controls his advisors. Jeb Bush, Ben Carlson, Bobby Jindal, and Carla Fiorina would be the same as George W.; however, Donald Trump would tell the Republican Party he is in charge. I can just hear him saying, “I am not only good looking, have nice hair but also am the smartest guy in the Washington.” If the American people elected anyone of these Republican candidates, it would be “Bush” all over Again. We would not elect them directly but would in effect elect the same crowd who ran his catastrophic administration, which was his board of advisors. The unspoken truth is that the last election cycle has proved the economic elite of our country rule the Republican Party. Electing a Republican president puts the domestic policy of the executive branch into the hands of the Koch Brothers and our foreign policy in the hands of Sheldon Adelson, which means we would unknowingly turn over our government to them. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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