Saturday, October 3, 2015


Putin put Russia in the middle of a religious quagmire in a way the entire world can see. In doing so, he has created a situation that exposes allegiances most people would never have expected. For example, Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin are suddenly bedfellows. Also, by treating Assad’s enemies as Russia’s enemy, he allies himself with all of those fighting this tyrant, which puts the Syria rebels in the same camp as ISIS. The list of Assad’s enemies includes the United States and most of the 194 nations who belong to the United Nations. More import and enlightening, the list of his friends includes Iran, Iraq, and Syria thus includes all countries dominated by the Shia sect and opposed by the Sunni sect. Everyone should know by now that Saudi Arabia and its allies are the Sunnis Nations; thus, we have all Sunni nations fighting Russia. The situation becomes even more complicated when we look at how Muslims as a group see what Russia is doing. Both Sunni and Shia, and other lesser sects, now see Russia as an enemy of Islam. President Obama has been walking this razors edge so very carefully. He has tried to keep United States support equal across the Islamic world. The Iran nuclear treaty is an example. Our President was central to creating and maintaining the trade embargo of Iran, a Shia caliphate. He was the driving force for withdrawal of nuclear weapon, which was in opposition to the regime while allowing the use of nuclear energy, which was favorable to that regime. Similarly, when the Sunni nations were confronting the Shia coalition in Yemen, the United States fleet avoided becoming involved. Because of his action, President Obama has caused a great shift in attitude in the Islamic world. He has turned them inward; Muslims are fighting each other’s radical sects and not Christians. He has done this even with the massive spending campaign by Zionists to poison the well with Palestinian hate we see in the form of ban the burkas etcetera in the western world. This morning on MSNBC-TV, Nina Khrushchev carefully explained that Putin, and not Obama, was now the leader of the Christian world’s fight against Muslims. Nina Khrushchev gained her celebrity as the granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev, who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War. I would reminder her, avoiding being the leader fighting all of Islam this is what Obama wanted to avoid. The entire Muslim world will now focus their hate on Putin. I am not saying I think Russian intervention in the Middle East is good, but it is worth noting that Putin is intervening out of desperation. Assad, his ally, is losing. His intervention by treating Assad’s enemies and ISIS as being the same will delay the inevitable but Assad will be deposed, and the Arab spring will defeat ISIS and win in Syria, as they will in the entire Middle East, but a note of caution. It will not be easy as we found out in Egypt. The road to democracy is a rocky road. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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